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Pure Excellence

Find out more about why EvaClean’s new PurExcellence Infection Prevention Program was featured in this ISSA-The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association Showcase when you meet with the EvaClean Team at the ISSA Show in Las Vegas!

EvaClean’s Infection Prevention Solution

Infection Control Today® and many other experts all agree that surface disinfection is a critical step in protecting against the spread of harmful contaminants. They also agree it’s crucial to use safer cleaning products to prevent health hazards. EvaClean’s Infection Prevention…

Big congratulations to our partner

Big congratulations to our partner ,Luminator Technology Group, on its well-deserved honor! Luminator’s Renew Air Treatment System, powered by Grignard Pure, LLC, is truly the best and most effective way to keep mass transit riders safe as we return to pre-pandemic,…

Sweat, Bleach & Gym Air Quality

CU Boulder study shows high bodily emissions during workouts, intensified by chemical reactions with cleaners One sweaty, huffing, exercising person emits as many chemicals from their body as up to five sedentary people, according to a new University of Colorado…