The ONLY Product
In The World

that starts as water and oxygen, then turns into a powerful all-in-one cleaner, deodorizer and disinfectant*

SAO exceeds Green Seal Standards (GS-37 & GS-53)

*Note: When used as directed, SAO kills >99.99% of MHV-3, the globally approved testing surrogate for SARS-Cov-2.

Sanitize and Deodorize Virtually Anything.

Exercise Machines

Yoga Mats

Weight Sets and Benches

Glass, Mirrors, Stainless Steel, Chrome

Flooring, Hardwood, Carpet, Vinyl

Concrete, Terrazzo, Stone, Tile

Shelvings, Seatings, Tables

Showers, Toilets, Sinks

Smart, Sustainable, Simple


Eliminates the need to purchase, transport, distribute, store, and restock inventory of multiple cleaning and disinfecting products. An eco-friendly, no chemical cleaner that is stronger than bleach and as safe as water

Tersano SAO Benefits

Well Established Global Clients

Tersano SAO products serve varied clients in several industries including healthcare, education, hospitality, manufacturing, airports, offices and gyms world-wide

Tersano SAO Dispenser

The SAO Dispenser is a simple and sustainable way to clean, sanitize, and deodorize everyday surfaces. Approved for sanitizing up to 24-hours and cleaning for six days. On-site generation eliminates transport, storing and mixing. When the job is done, it reverts back to water and oxygen. SAO exceeds Green Seal Standards (GS-37 & GS-53) as industrial cleaner. Professionals enjoy amazing performance while saving on traditional harsh chemicals. The SAO Dispenser is compact and fits easily into all janitor’s closets.

Use 90% less water

Reduce plastic packaging by 83% & cardboard by 72%

Reduce chemicals of concern by 70%

Enjoy 25% average ROI costs savings

From $1,495

Learn how much you can save

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